You Put What on Your Skin?

Every day we use various types of beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics to keep us looking our best. Little did we know that a plethora of these products on the shelves of stores and the shelves of our homes are riddled with dangerous chemicals that can be damaging to our bodies’ systems. The skin is our largest organ, and we’re blindly slathering harmful chemicals into it. Endocrine disruptors, which basically work against the very important and pivotal system, the endocrine system, are one of the many things found in the products we use every day. It’s a very scary thing. These chemicals can have effects on your long-term health such as: cancer, ADHD, allergies, and autism. “80% of the chemicals in personal care products have never been tested for safety,” explains founder of the skincare and cosmetics company called Beautycounter. A short list of chemicals to avoid can be found here:

This topic of what we put on our skin interests me so much, but what interests or rather intrigues me the most is how much this is a new topic for a lot of people. We need to become more informed on what we’re putting on and in our bodies. People don’t realize that there are serious effects that can come from hidden chemicals inside such normal things as cosmetics and skincare. It’s good to do your research, note the things to avoid, and be more cautious of what you’re purchasing. Going for the skincare that is made with raw or organic products is going to be the safer and healthier route to take. Knowing what you’ve put on your body and knowing that it’s good for you is a good feeling


(Point of discussion from Goop’s The Dirty on Getting Clean: )